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Pre-1933 Gold Coins for Sale

President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102 on April 5, 1933 requiring all United States citizens to deliver all of their gold coins, bullion and certificates to the Federal Reserve Bank. The rationale was that keeping gold for oneself would stall economic growth and worsen the already terrible effects of the Great Depression. Private ownership of gold wasn’t allowed until 1974, and the effects of this 41-year executive order have pre-1933 gold bullion coins into their own genre of historical U.S. coins. We’re pleased to have these beautiful Double Eagle gold coins for sale, all in protective plastic sleeves to prevent scratching and damage from dirt. Buying Double Eagle coins is a great way to expand your gold bullion investment portfolio and own a piece of history at the same time, so shop with us today and save with free shipping!

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US Gold $10 Liberty Head Eagle - Extra Fine - Random Date
US Gold $2.50 Indian Head Quarter Eagle - Extra Fine - Random Date