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Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins

Issued since 1979, Canadaís beautiful and simple Canada Gold Maple Leaf bullion coin has always been a coin of high purity. It started its production at .999 fine before reaching a .9999 purity level in 1982 once the coin started being produced from 24-karat gold. The coinís obverse features a detailed profile of Queen Elizabeth, which has been updated twice throughout the years to match her age. The gold bullion Maple Leaf coinís reverse depicts a maple leaf in high detail, with every vein of the left visible and raised off the coinís surface.

The coin has been made in a variety of denominations, making it a popular choice for gold bullion investors. We carry the 1/25 oz. ($0.50), 1/20 oz. ($1.00), 1/10 oz. ($5.00), 1/4 oz. ($10.00), 1/2 oz. ($20.00) and 1 oz. ($50.00) varieties in regular stock to give you plenty of options for your portfolio. There are two other versions of the coin that exist but arenít available in our current inventory. They are a 1/15 oz. and a small collection of 100kg coins, which were released in 1994 and 2007 respectively. This beautiful coin is a popular option for gold bullion investors, so it doesnít stay in stock long. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff today to get all the details you need for investment. When youíre ready to purchase, weíll waive shipping fees!

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1 gram Canada Gold Maple Leaf 50C from Gold Maplegram25? 9999 Fine Random Date 2020 25x1 gram Gold Maplegram25 - RCM Royal Canadian Mint - .9999 Fine in Assay 2020 Canada Gold Maple Leaf 1/4 oz $10 - BU
2020 Canada Gold Maple Leaf 1/4 oz $10 - BU
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Canada Gold Maple Leaf - 1 oz - $50 - .999 Fine - Random Year Canada Gold Maple Leaf - 1 oz - $50 - .9999 Fine - Random Year Canada Gold Maple Leaf - 1/10 oz - $5 - BU - .9999 Fine - Random Date
Canada Gold Maple Leaf .99999 1 oz $200 BU - Random Date