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Classic U.S. Commemorative Coins

Classic commemorative United States coins were produced from 1892–1954 and are widely considered to have some of the most unique and beautiful designs in the history of U.S. coin production. They were not commonly circulated during their production, but could’ve been sold to pay for other goods and services. As far as the U.S. Mint’s sale of classic U.S. commemoratives, they often used the profits to pay for specific projects. The government considered them an alternative to raising taxes when they were introduced and widely used.

Available in various values and styles, classic U.S. commemorative coins are popular among collectors but some particular pieces can be used for investing purposes. We’re pleased to offer these beautiful pieces of history with free shipping on each order. Shop now!

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1903 US Gold $1 Louisiana Purchase - Jefferson Commemorative - NGC MS66 1903 US Gold $1 Louisiana Purchase - McKinley Commemorative - NGC MS65 1905 US Gold $1 Lewis and Clark Commemorative - NGC MS65
1915 S US Gold $1 Panama Pacific Exposition Commemorative - PCGS MS66 1915 S US Gold $2.50 Panama Pacific Exposition Commemorative - NGC MS66 1938 US New Rochelle, New York Silver Commemorative Half Dollar - PCGS MS65 CAC